About Me

I start with a sad fact:
I am not actually a dragon, as unfortunate as that is. I have no claws, I have no wings, and the closest I’ll get to breathing fire is after downing an entire bottle of Tabasco.

I am actually just a timid, average young adult, no different than most others.

If I’ve broken your dreams of reading a blog by a real dragon, well… your naivete is kinda impressive.

This blog is basically just a place for me to vent all my random thoughts, interesting ideas, and mountains of complaints. Seriously, I complain a lot.

Anyway, quick rundown of me, the Not-So-Dragon:

  1. I’m introverted. Like, a lot. I could spend years alone, and often it feels that I need years to recuperate after just a few hours or even minutes around other people. In fact, sometimes I find myself resenting the time I’m forced to spend around others. Unkind to admit, I know, but hey, I’m being honest here.
  2. I’m depressed. And I mean medically, not in the oft assumed “Oh woe is me, my life is so hard” way my ilk is so often accused of. Trust me, I love life. Living is the number one way of experiencing things, according to science. But at the same time, I often loathe it. While time is my greatest treasure, it can also be my greatest enemy. This paradox is not something I enjoy contemplating, yet I do it several times a day; falling further and further down the rabbit hole of the human psyche. But, moving on.
  3. I’m anxious. Again, medically, though it’s a bit harder to… explain… than depression. Social anxiety. It’s a broad term. The biggest issue I’ve found, is that, while people don’t always understand depression, almost every person has felt the effects of Depression’s little brother, Sadness. On the flip side, not everyone has felt actual anxiety before. I mean, some people have rarely even felt mild nervousness, so how could they get anxiety? But that’s a whole other topic.
  4. I’m selfish. I’m avaricious. I want more. Of everything. Be it money, time, freedom or just stuff, I never seem to be happy with what I have. But at the same time, I hate that side of me. Everyday is a constant battle between my two “halves”, kinda like those stereotypical shoulder-conscience-avatars, except nowhere near as interesting, ’cause it’s entirely internal.
  5. I’m very stereotypically a “geek”. I play video games, watch anime, play Trading Card Games like Magic: the Gathering and YuGiOh!. I like dinky plastic toys of my favourite games and shows. I often fantasize about ruling the world, having some sort of super powers, and, more often than I like to admit, those daydreams that I will never talk to another person about lest they know what a terrible, dirty little man I am.
    I kinda just gave myself away, huh? Ah, screw it. Next!
  6. I’m terribly hypocritical, at least internally. I’m insanely terrified of being judged by others, yet it’s the first thing I do upon seeing another person. I hate when people constantly sing the same songs or quote the same lines, but I spend hours every day trying to perfect Illidan Stormrage’s monologue from the WoW:BC trailer, inflection, intonation and all.

That’s probably it about me.

Have fun reading my ramblings!
(Or don’t, you choose, I’m not going to force you.)

festina lente,

Logan, the Not-So-Dragon


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Go nuts with the blogging Logan! My only advice, as an occasional blogger who spends way too much time on the Net, is….if you could come back in a month’s time or a year’s time and revisit what you’ve written, would it come across as inappropriate? Would it hurt someone else? Would it incriminate you? If yes to any of the above, at least consider how you word it before you hit post. Otherwise, go for it & enjoy! 🙂


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