Breath of the Wild is really good for many little reasons

The newest Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, has so many cool little touches that really make the game feel alive and I love it. I love all Zelda games, but I feel like this may well be my new favourite. As such, I want to shine a light on a few things I really like about it in a quick post, because it is good for me to be positive for a change.

You can catch weapons thrown by enemies before they hit the ground and then see said enemy become taken aback or angry.

You cam drop food around enemies and wild animals to distract them and make them easier to sneak up on. Sneaking up to enemy camps means you can also watch as they have pseudo-conversations with one another.

Some big monsters pick up and throw smaller ones. You can even carry chickens into battle and goad enemies into hitting them, making the resulting swarm of attack chooks go after them, a staple of the Zelda series that I’m glad returned.

There’s even a few interesting things npcs will say depending on what you do. Many characters will comment if you talk to them in your underwear, some help you in combat and others run away.

There’s also a character that talks to you if you stand on a bridge side who thinks you are trying to kill yourself. It’s really touching to be honest, and makes you feel like a dick if you then dive off of the bridge just to scare him.

There are themes talked about in this game that haven’t been talked about in other Zelda games for being a bit heavier than the things these games normally face.

There are two characters that are married but living seperately due to differences, the aforementioned suicide allusions, a single father whose children deal with their mother’s death in different ways, and several more subtle ones that just aren’t talked about in other Zelda games.

All in all, so many small touches have been included in this game that it feels even more immersive than other game worlds. It is a true testament to the potential of video games. If Nintendo make another Zelda game like this in a few years, I would be very pleased.

festina lente

Logan, the Not-so-Dragon


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