The Greatest Thing in the World

I’ve mostly been doing depressing posts pondering my own banal existence lately, so here’s a description of what I consider to be the best thing in the whole world.

And you can’t test me on this because I’m 100% correct. It’s science.

You know something I really love? The second sip of a freshly opened, ice cold Coke.

The temperature is just above freezing; warm enough not to freeze, but still very cold.

The first sip acclimatises your mouth to the drink; the sharpness of the bubbles and the coldness of the liquid itself. Your eyes slightly water, but then it fades, leaving behind satisfaction.

Then comes the second – and best – sip. The temperature is just right. Your mouth is accustomed to the taste and texture. It has yet to lose its fizz. Every part of your mouth feels every part of the drink. It is sweet, it is cold, it is ever so sharp.

And it is beautiful.

That second sip is the single greatest part of the whole experience of drinking a bottle or can of Coke.

That, for me, is why the ‘crack’ of a fresh can or bottle is so wonderful. That sound heralds the arrival of one of the best experiences you will ever have imbibing a liquid.

festina lente

Logan, the Not-so-Dragon


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